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Paul Greenwood

Research Associate Professor
Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)

Contact details

West Australian Biogeochemistry Centre
The University of Western Australia (M090)
35 Stirling Highway

+618 6488 2520

Paul Greenwood is an environmental and organic geochemist.  He studies the molecular distributions and compound specific stable isotopic values of organic matter in geological sediments, soils and water.   Paul has been at UWA since 2006, and commenced affiliation with CET in 2011 through the CSIRO Flagship Cluster Organic-Inorganic Interactions in Mineral Systems.  In one perspective this represents a back-to-the-future experience for Paul as he enjoyed 8 years employment with CSIRO-Petroleum through the 90’s. An initial CSIRO fellowship supported separate postdoctoral stints at Pennsylvania State University (USA) and Warwick University (UK).  Paul has also held research positions at Geoscience Australia and Curtin University. He received his PhD from UNSW (1993), where he studied coal characterisation and the generation of fullerenes from coal using laser mass spectrometry.   


Selected Publications

(Over 70 International Journal Publications)

P. Greenwood, J.J. Brocks, K. Grice, L. Schwark, C.M. Jaraula, J.D. Dick, K.A. Evans  2013. Organic Geochemistry and Mineralogy. I. Characterisation of Organic Matter Associated with Metal Deposits. Ore Geology Reviews 50, 1-27

Laser Ablation GC-MS Analysis of Oil-bearing Fluid Inclusions in Petroleum Reservoir Rocks. Zhirong Zhang, Paul Greenwood, Qu Zhang, Dan Rao, Weijun Shi Organic Geochemistry, 43, 20–25 (2012)

P. Greenwood, L. Berwick, J.-P. Croue.  Molecular Indicators Of Wastewater Effluent Revealed by MSSV Pyrolysis GC-MS Chemosphere, (2012) doi:10.1016/j.chemosphere.2011.12.051

P.F. Greenwood. Lasers used for analytical micropyrolysis GCMS. J. Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 92, 426-429 (2011).

H. Lu, P. F. Greenwood, T. Chen, J. Liu, P. Peng. The role of metal sulfates in the thermal sulfate reduction (TSR) of hydrocarbons: insight from the yields and stable carbon isotopic profiles of gas products. Organic Geochemistry, 42, 700-706 (2011).

S. Dutta, S. Tripathi, M. Mallick, R. Mathews, P. Greenwood. Eocene out-of-India dispersal of Asian dipterocarps. M. Rao, R.Summons. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 166, 63-68 (2011).

N.A. Lengkeek, P.F. Greenwood, B.P.T.H. Ngyuen, G.A. Koutsantonis, M.J. Piggott. Making mixtures to solve structures: Structural elucidation via combinatorial synthesis. Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 12, 141-150 (2010).

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P.F. Greenwood, Carbon Clusters, Mass Spectrometry and Coal. Organic Mass Spectrometry, 29, 61-77 (1994).