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Eun-Jung Holden

Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)

Contact details

Robert Street Building, Rm 105
Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)
The University of Western Australia (M006)
35 Stirling Highway

+618 6488 5806

Prof Eun-Jung Holden is a co-leader of the geophysics and image analysis theme within CET.  She gained a PhD in computer science at UWA specialising in computer vision and visualisation algorithms. She made a transition to geoscience in 2006 and since then she established and now leads The Geodata Algorithms Team within CET.   The Geodata Algorithms Team consists of researchers who were trained in computer science, engineering and applied mathematics. Equipped with a strong capability in computational algorithm design and implementation, the team has built expertise in understanding the nature of geodata and their use in industry workflows by collaborating with geoscientists in academia and industry. The uniqueness of this team is in the ability to span the boundaries of computational science and geoscience and the boundaries of academia and industry.  The team won various awards for student projects and research including The UWA Vice Chancellor’s Research Award in Impact and Innovation for 2015.

Prof Holden is currently working closely with mining companies in optimising their drill hole data integration and interpretation using data mining techniques; and with The Geological Survey of Western Australia through an Australian Research Council Linkage (LP140100267) in developing a GIS-based new visual analytics platform called Integrated Exploration Platform (IEP) to support the mineral explorers operating in Western Australia in improve their geological interpretation of exploration data.  Prof Holden is committed to deliver new data analytics methodologies as practical tools to the industry, which led to the commercialisation of three software products which are used by the minerals and petroleum industries and consultancies globally.

Research Output Dissemination

Public Domain Software Product 
  • Integrated Exploration Platform (launched as a GSWA product at the GSWA Open Day, 2016) – This GIS based platform was developed in collaboration with GSWA and provides state-of-the-art data analytics tools to support ‘interpreter driven and computer supported’ interpretation workflow.

Commercial Software Products
  • The CET Grid Analysis extension for Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj
    (More than 90 licenses of this software were sold and it widely used by mining and petroleum companies as well as consultancies globally).
  • The CET Porphyry Detection extensions for Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj
    (This software was developed in collaboration with Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold producer in their global porphyry exploration programs. It has been credited with contributing to the discovery of the Luciano porphyry cluster in the Casale district, Chile).
  • Image & Structure Interpretation Workspace (automated structure picking and analysis methods) for ALT’s WellCAD (WellCAD is the most widely used televiewer image analysis software globally by petroleum and mining companies, and this workspace featuring our algorithms and workflow was released in 2015.  The algorithms and workflow were developed mainly through a Rio Tinto sponsored project between 2010 and 2013).

Research Awards

  • The UWA Vice Chancellor’s Award in Impact and Innovation, 2015 (The GeoData Algorithms Team - Eun-Jung Holden, Daniel Wedge, Jason Wong, Peter Kovesi, Mike Dentith, Tom Horrocks, David Nathan)
  • Laric Hawkins Memorial Innovation Award, The 23rd International Geophysics Conference and Exhibition, 2013 (Peter Kovesi, Eun-Jung Holden, Jason Wong)
  • Commendation in the Innovation Category of the WA Information Technology & Telecommunications Award, 2004 (Eun-Jung Holden, Robyn Owens)

Student Awards

  • Tom Horrocks, The Best Student Poster Award for Minerals, 24th International Geophysical Conference and Exhibitions: Geophysics and Geology Together for Discovery, Feb, 2015. 
  • Yathunanthan Sivarajah, The Nick Rock Memorial Prize, UWA, 2014.
  • David Hng, The best IT student project in the Student Project category of the 17th WA Information Technology & Telecommunications Award, 2007.

Media Coverage

  • “UWA Vice-Chancellor Research Award to Geodata Algorithms Team” in UWA’s Energy and Minerals Institute eNews, 2015
  • “UWA’s EJ Holden, building bridges between computational science and geoscience” in UWA’s Energy and Minerals Institute eNews, 2014
  • “'Hackathon' generates innovative solutions for mining sector” in UWA’s Energy and Minerals Institute eNews, 2014
  •  “There’s Gold in this” in Earth Explorer, 2010

Key Research 

  • Developing new data analytics tools to improve geoscientific data interpretation
  • Understanding geological data interpretation uncertainty
  • Developing data mining methods to optimise drill hole data integration

Software Products

Wedge D., Holden. E.J., Dentith, M., Spadaccini, N., 2015, Image & Structure Interpretation Workspace (automated structure picking and analysis methods) for Advanced Logic Technology (ALT)'s Wellcad, Marketed and Licensed by ALT: http://www.alt.lu/pdf/Newsletter_wellcad11.pdf

Holden, E.J., Dentith, M.C., Kovesi, P, Wong, J.C., Fu, S.C., 2011, CET Porphyry Analysis, Marketed and licensed by Geosoft: http://www.geosoft.com/products/software-extensions/cet-porphyry-detection

Holden, E.J., Dentith, M.C., Kovesi, P, Wong, J.C, Fu, S.C., 2010, 2011, CET Grid Analysis, Marketed and licensed by Geosoft: http://www.geosoft.com/pinfo/partners/CETgridanalysis.asp


Selected Publications

Journal papers

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