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Centre for Exploration Targeting Induction and Operations Manual


This information has been compiled to help familiarise you with the working environment of The University of Western Australia, and in particular, The Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) which is one of three research centres within the School of Earth Sciences.

This document provides general and summary information that will assist you in efficiently and productively using the opportunities of this unique working environment. You may want to bookmark this page for easy access to information.



Please contact your supervisor if you will not be attending your agreed work time/days.

You will also need to login to Employee Self Service (ESS) and log your absences within the system. Please see Employee Self Service section (below) for more information.

Account Payments

Refer to the Finances section (below)

Afternoon Tea

The CET organises a Morning Tea every Thursday at 10:30am in the Lunch/Common Room on Level 2 of the Robert Street building. Everyone is welcome to attend. An email reminder is sent out on Thursday mornings. Remember to bring your cup of tea or coffee!


The air-conditioning is controlled by the University’s Campus Management department. The temperature cannot be changed to suit individual requirements.
Please contact Campus Management to report faults.

Approved Suppliers

Refer to Preferred Suppliers (below)

Archiving & Records Management

The University has strict policies and procedures on retaining documentation and archiving.
Please see Information Governance Services for more information.



Bicycles can be stored under the stairs (at Ground Level) of both the East and West wings of the Robert Street building. There is a secure bike cage under the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. Contact UniPark for access to this bike cage. Bicycles are not to be stored in your office or in the corridors.
Please see Cycling for more information.

Bins and Rubbish

Rubbish bins are located at each desk as well as in kitchen areas. A recycling bin is located in the stationery room on Level 1 and next to the copiers on Level 2 of the Robert Street building.

If you have any problems regarding bins and rubbish, please contact CET Reception.

Booking Meeting and Board Rooms

To book the Robert Street building Resource Room (Ground Level) or the CET Board Room (Level 1), please contact CET Reception who will check to see if the room is available and make the booking on your behalf.

Booking Lecture Theatres and other UWA Venues

To book a Lecture Theatre, Seminar Room or other venue within the University, please contact Venues.

Brand, Marketing & Recruitment

The Brand, Marketing and Recruitment division provides organisation-wide brand strategy and ongoing brand management, strategic marketing and planning, marketing communications activities, digital marketing, research and segmentation.


Campus Card

For information on lost or stolen campus cards, what the cards can be used for and how to obtain a card.


Catering can be arranged through Guild Catering.

Alternatively, external catering companies of your choice can be used.



CET-SES internal repository

Materials to support students in their early stages of research



Bins are emptied daily, offices cleaned and kitchen areas wiped down.

If you have any problems regarding cleaning in your area, please contact CET Reception.


Computers & Information Technology

If you have any computer or IT issues, please contact the Faculty of Science IT Helpdesk who will lodge an incident for you and contact you regarding your query.

Students are required to supply their own computer. Staff need to speak to their supervisor regarding their computer requirements. 


Concur is UWA's Travel Management System. Please see Travel (below) for further information.

Conduct in the Workplace

Contact Directory

Courier and Deliveries

To book a courier, take your parcel to CET Reception and complete a “mail despatch” form located at CET Reception. Please let the CET Receptionist know so they can order the courier for you.


Departing Staff

Development and Review


UWA Contact Directory

For any directory changes, please email directory@uwa.edu.au

Disability Services - UniAccess 



Electrical Safety


If you have any problems with your emails, please email IT-SCIENCE@uwa.edu.au or call 6488 2999

Your email address will automatically be added to the CET mailing list and the UWA contact directory on commencement of your appointment.


In the case of an emergency, dial 2222. This will take you to Security who will be able to contact the emergency services and direct them to you. Further information.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Employee Self Service (ESS)

You will need to login to ESS to update personal details, add completed training details, view payslips and group certificates, make leave arrangements, etc.

Enterprise Agreements

Ergonomics and assessments


Refer to Fire Wardens and First Aid Officers (below) for CET specific contacts.

The Assembly Area for the Robert Street building is Car park 19.

Events and Protocol

Expense Claims

Refer to Finances (below)



Refer to Maintenance (below)

Fax Machine

The fax machine is located in the Stationery room behind CET Reception. The number for the fax is
+61 (8) 6488 1178
If you are expecting a fax, please check regularly. This is your responsibility and no faxes will be forwarded to individual personnel.

To send an external fax, dial “0” for an outside line and then dial the number. To send an internal fax, dial only the extension number.

Financial Services


See the Finance officer for all purchase orders, payments (individual and invoices), reimbursements, invoice requests, cash advances and other miscellaneous payments.

CET Financial Procedures  Purchase Requisition form

Fire Wardens

Corinne Debat  is the Building Warden for the Robert Street Building.
Daniel Wedge (Room XXX) and Quentin Masurel (Room 201) are the Floor Wardens.

First Aid 

First Aid kits are kept in the CET Reception area in the stationery cupboard (room 113)

Liam Casey (Room 114) is the First Aid Officer for the Robert Street building.

Flexible Work


Most forms used regularly by CET personnel are kept on the CET public drive. You will be given access to the public drive when you are given access to the CET server.

Financial Services forms


Graduate Research School



Health and Safety

Human Resources

HR Applications and IT help



Incident and Accident Reporting


UWA Induction
CET Induction


International Centre

International SOS (ISOS)

If travelling, you will need to take an ISOS card from CET Reception. This card has information in case of an emergency while travelling for work purposes.

The UWA Membership number in case of emergencies is 12AYCA000028

Also see UWA Travel Policy (below)

IT – Problem Reporting

If you are having any computer problems or issues, please send an email to IT-SCIENCE@uwa.edu.au or call 6488 2999 if it is urgent.


Key University Dates


You will need to get a key to your office from School of Earth Sciences (SES) Administration on Level 1 of the Geology Building. Please make sure you lock your door when you leave, even for lunch, to ensure the highest security and safety.

It is your responsibility to keep your key safe. You may be charged for a replacement if needed. Please see SES Administration if you do require a replacement.

When you leave your employment at CET, please ensure you return your key to SES Administration.


There are 3 kitchen areas within Levels 1 & 2 of the Robert Street building. Please ensure you clean up your mess and let CET Reception know if there are any issues with the facilities.

Milk is topped up on a weekly basis by delivery. Please make sure you put milk away and leave other people's items in the fridge or kitchen.



Mineral Separation Laboratory (also known as Minsep Lab) – this is located in the basement of the Geography and Geology Building. To arrange access, please contact Louise Heyworth or Chris Brouwer.

If there are any problems within the Lab, please contact Bill Wilson (6488 2710).

Laboratory Safety

Leave Arrangements

Please enter your leave request in Employee Self Service.
Inform your supervisor, the CET Receptionist and any other stakeholders of your planned leave.
Place this information in your Outlook calendar and ensure you have an Out of Office message activated.

Legal Services


Please see Templates in the shared drive. 
Z:\CET\cetadmin\NEW\About CET\Templates\Letterhead


The Barry J Marshall Library is home to the Science, Engineering and Business Collections and Maps. 

The Reid Library is home to the Humanities and Social Sciences Collections, Special Collections and Microfilm.

University Library opening hours vary depending on semester, exam periods and vacation periods .


Please see CET Logos Templates in the shared drive.

Lunch / Common Room

There is a Lunch/Common Room on Level 2 of the Robert Street building. All personnel are welcome to use this area, but please remember to clean up after yourself. There is also a kitchen outside the Common Room. 


Mail (Incoming and outgoing)

Incoming mail for CET is delivered to CET Reception on a daily basis. CET mailbag number is M006. Your mail will be delivered to your pigeon tray allocated to your room number. Please check this regularly.

Please make sure you get incoming mail addressed as below:

University of Western Australia
Centre for Exploration Targeting M006
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA 6009

Outgoing mail can be sent by placing in the mail bag located in CET Reception. If your outgoing mail is to be delivered internationally or by courier, you will need to complete a “despatch form” located at CET Reception so your PG (account) is charged.



Medical Centre

The University Medical Centre is a fully equipped and accredited health service providing safe, high quality and confidential health care to the UWA community.

Medical services are only available to current UWA students and staff, not the wider community. You can make a medical appointment online or by phone 6488 2118.

The General Practice provides a full range of health services and support, including:
General Practitioner and nursing consultations
Radiology and pathology services
Psychiatry services and mental health nurses
Alcohol and Other Drug Counselling Service
Sexual health and contraceptive advice
Women's health services, including: Pap testing and breast examinations
Adult immunisations
Travel advice and vaccinations
Pre-employment and diving medicals

Microwave Ovens

There is a microwave located in both Level 1 & Level 2 kitchens for all personnel to use. Please ensure you microwave only food / drinks and the microwave is cleaned after your use for the next person.

Mobile Phones

It is your responsibility to provide your own mobile (unless authorised by supervisor). Please keep other people in your office in mind whilst talking on the phone. If you would like your mobile number added to your staff/student profile, please contact CET Reception. 


Pay, Benefits, Superannuation and Leave

Employee Self Service Login

Personal Safety

Phone (Office landline)

Most office desks will have a landline provided. Please contact UWA Switchboard on x99 or CET Reception x6794 if you have any problems with your landline.  Please see Voicemail (below) for all Voicemail related information.


Please see Templates in your shared folder for poster templates.
See UniPrint (below) for poster printing information.

Preferred suppliers

The University has agreements with various companies as Approved Suppliers for products and services. See UWA's Preferred Suppliers for further information, or talk to the CET finance officer.


There is a photocopier / black and white printer on the second floor of the building. CET Reception will issue you with your own password for this on your first day at CET.
There is a colour printer on Level 1 of the building in the CET Administration office.

Professional Development


Purchase requisition form

Use this form for purchasing, to get a PO number, for reimbursement of expenses, to request payment of invoices, request to send an invoice to a client, as well as for cash advances.This form is to be submitted to the CET Finance Officer once completed.

CET Financial Procedures

Purchasing items

When purchasing items using a Business Unit/Project Grant (BU/PG) account you will need to complete a Purchase Requisition form and submit it to the CET Finance Officer.

Finance forms can be located in the CET shared drive: Z:\CET\PUBLIC\TEMPLATES\CET - Financial               
Financial Procedures


Research Newsroom

Here you will find the latest information on funding opportunities, major ARC and NHMRC schemes, 
faculty and industry seminars and events, and research services workshops.

Risk Management


Safety and Security

Please remember to lock your office door when not in use, lock your computer screen and lock up other valuable items. As the University attracts many walks of life, please remember that nothing is 100% safe, so you are required to be responsible for your own materials and valuables.

Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Safety Management

School of Earth Sciences


The Business Intelligence and Analytics team provides organisational support through business intelligence, predictive modelling, and bench-marking to identify trends and opportunities to support decision-making and strategic planning.

Student Services


Basic stationery is available in the Stationery room behind CET Reception.
Please contact CET Reception if you require more stationery or a special order (this may be charged to your Project Grant).




All staff and Students are required to complete Concur training.
Concur is UWA's Travel Management System which is used to book travel, accommodation, car rental, etc.

Travel Forms
Concur Travel Management System
UWA Travel Policy


University Policies


For any special printing (A3 colour printing, Posters, large binding, professional printing, etc.) requirements, please use UniPrint. The UniPrint shop is located in the UWA Guild Complex.

UniPrint take payment in cash, money on your Campus Card or a job requisition form can be completed if you wish for a PG to be charged.

UWA Student Guild

UWA Medical Centre

Phone number 6488 2118

UWA Sports and Recreation




Temporary Activity visa - for Visiting Academics.
Student visa - for those wishing to participate in a course of study.


Please call the Switchboard if you require more help, on x99.