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Steve Beresford

Adjunct Professor

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting

Contact details


Level 23. 28 Freshwater Places
Southbank Victoria 3006 AUSTRALIA

M +61 424 178 478


Research interests

  • Nickel mineral systems
  • Science of Exploration Targeting
  • Physical volcanology
  • Komatiites
  • Layered intrusions


Selected Publications

Bekker, A., Barley, M.L., Fiorentini, M.L., Beresford, S.W. 2009. Atmospheric Sulfur in Archean komatiite-hosted Nickel deposits. Science v.326, pp 1086-1089.

Beresford, S.W., Cas, R.A.F., Lahaye, Y., and Jane, M. 2002. Facies architecture of an Archean komatiite-hosted Ni-sulphide ore deposit, Victor, Kambalda, Western Australia: implications for komatiite lava emplacement. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 118: 57-75.

Beresford, S.W., Stone, W.E., Cas, R.A.F., Lahaye, Y, and Jane, M., 2005. Volcanological controls on the localisation of a komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposit, Coronet, Kambalda, Western Australia. Economic Geology 100: 1457-1467.

Duuring, P., Bleeker, W., Beresford, S.W., Nicolas Hayward. 2010. Towards a volcanic-structural balance: relative importance of volcanism, folding, and remobilisation of nickel sulphides at the Perseverance Ni-Cu-(PGE) deposit, Western Australia. Mineralium Deposita 45: 281-311.

Duuring, P.D., Bleeker, W., Beresford, S.W. in press. Structural evolution of the Agnew-Wiluna greenstone belt, Eastern Goldfields, Yilgarn Craton and implications for komatiite-hosted Ni-Cu-(PGE) exploration. Mineralium Deposita.

Fiorentini, M.L., Rosengren, W.W., Beresford, S.W., Grguric, B., and Barley, M.E. 2007. Controls on the emplacement and genesis of the MKD5 and Sarah’s Find Ni-Cu-PGE deposits, Mount Keith, Agnew-Wiluna belt, Western Australia. Mineralium Deposita  42: 847-877.

Fiorentini, M.L., Beresford, S.W., Deloule, E., Stone, W.E., Hanski, E., Pearson, N.J. 2008. The role of mantle-derived volatiles in the petrogenesis of Palaeoproterozoic ferropicrites in the Pechenga Greenstone Belt, northwestern Russia: Insights from in-situ microbeam and nanobeam analysis of hydromagmatic amphibole. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 268: :2-14.

Fiorentini, M.L., Beresford, S.W,  Barley, M., Duuring, P., Bekker, A., Rosengren, N., Cas, R.A.F., Hronsky, J.A. in press. District to camp controls on the genesis of komatiite-hosted Ni-C deposits, Agnew-Wiluna Belt, Western Australia: insights from mass-independent sulphur isotopes. Economic Geology.

Gonzalez-Alvaraz, I., Porwal, A., Beresford S.W., McCuaig, T.C., Maier, W.D. 2010. Hydrothermal Ni prospectivity analysis of Tasmania, Australia. Ore Geology Reviews: 38-168-183.

Mamuse, A.,  Porwal, A., Kreuzer, O., Beresford, S.W. 2009. A new method for spatial centrographic analysis of mineral deposit clusters . Ore Geology Review s 36: 293-305.

Mamuse, A., Beresford, S.W., Porwal, A., Kreuzer, O.2010. Assessment of undiscovered nickel sulphide resources, Kalgoorlie terrane, Western Australia Part 1. Deposit and endowment density models. Ore Geology Reviews 37: 141-157.

McCuaig, T.C., Beresford, S.W., Hronsky, J.A. 2010.Translating the mineral systems approach into an effective exploration targeting system. Ore Geology Reviews 38: 128-138.

Rosengren, N.M., Beresford, S.W., Grguric, B., Cas.R.A.F.  2005. An intrusive origin for the giant komatiitic MKD5 nickel deposit, Mount Keith, Western Australia. Economic Geology 100: 49-156.

Rosengren, N.M., Grguric, B., Beresford, S.W., Fiorentini, M.L., Cas.R.A.F.  2007.  Internal stratigraphic architecture of the komatiitic dunite-hosted MKD5 disseminated nickel sulfide deposit, Agnew-Wiluna Greenstone Belt, Western Australia. Mineralium Deposit 42: 847-877.

Seat, Z.S., Beresford, S.W., Grguric, B, A., Waugh, R.S., Hronsky, J.M.A., Gee, M.A., Groves, D.I., and Mathison, C.I. 2007. Architecture and emplacement of the Nebo-Babel Ni-Cu-PGE Deposit, West Musgrave, Western Australia: A gabbronorite-hosted magmatic sulfide system. Mineralium Deposita 42: 551-581.

Seat, Z.S., Beresford, S.W., Grguric, B, A., Grassineau, N.V. Gee, M.A.M. 2009. Re-evaluation of the role of external sulfur in the genesis of the Nebo-Babel Ni-Cu-PGE deposit, W.A. Economic Geology. Economic Geology v 104, pp 521-538.

Stone, W.E., Beresford, S.W., and Archibald, N. 2005. Structural Setting and Shape Analysis of Nickel Sulfide Shoots at the Kambalda Dome, Western Australia: Implications for Deformation and Remobilization. Economic Geology 100: 1441-1455.