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Ignacio González-Álvarez

Adjunct Research Fellow
Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET)

Contact details


CSIRO, Minerals Resources, Discovery Program
26 Dick Perry Av.
Kensington, WA 6151, Australia

+61 8 6436 8687



Brief background:

I am originally from Spain, and studied the principles of Geology in the Cantabrian Mountains of Spain during my BSc, specializing in structural geology and stratigraphy.

Following that, I engaged in several geoarchaeological research projects in Spain, the P.R. of China and the R.D. of the Congo (former Zaire). I also explored the environmental side of Geology as applied to the steel industry, and was responsible for training the extensive of workforce of ACERALIA on how to optimize production and reduce environmental impact applying new approaches (~5,000 employees in Asturias, Spain).

I then completed a MSc in sedimentology at the University of Oviedo, Spain, then a PhD at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, studying the sedimentary geochemistry of the Belt-Purcell Supergroup in the Rocky Mountains, Canada-USA, specifically describing trace element mobility in the basin triggered by basinal brines.

Next, I was exposed to the practical side of economic geology working in gold exploration for companies in Australia. I joined the Centre for Exploration Targeting at the University of Western Australia and developed techniques in mineral exploration prospectivity analysis at regional and continental scales in Australia and Africa.

At present I am the leader of the Regolith Team at CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization). My work at CSIRO involves the coordination of a diverse portfolio of multidisciplinary projects in mineral exploration in different regions in Australia, as well as projects in Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Norway, India and Brazil.

Research activities:

•    Trace element mobility in the continental crust (with special emphasis on sedimentary sequences)
•    Weathering processes
•    Hydrothermal systems
•    Mineral exploration (focusing on greenfields exploration in regolith-dominated terrains and large-scale knowledge-driven prospectivity analysis)
•    Geoarchaeology


Selected Publications

González-Álvarez, I., Boni, M., Anand, R.R., 2016. Mineral Exploration in Regolith-Dominated Terrains. Global considerations and challenges. Ore Geology Reviews Special Issue 73, 375-379.

Salama, W., González-Álvarez, I., Anand, R.R., 2016. Implications of palaeoclimatic changes on regolith modelling for mineral exploration in the NE Albany-Fraser Orogen, Western Australia. Ore Geology Reviews Special Issue 73, 500-521.

González-Álvarez, I., Ley-Cooper, Y., Salama, W., 2016. A geological assessment of airborne electromagnetics for mineral exploration through deeply weathered profiles: the southeast Yilgarn cratonic margin, Western Australia. Ore Geology Reviews Special Issue 73, 522-539.

González-Álvarez, I., Salama, W., Anand, R.R., 2016. Sea-level changes and buried islands in a complex coastal palaeolandscape in the South of Western Australia: implications for greenfields mineral exploration. Ore Geology Reviews Special Issue 73, 475-499.

Laukamp, C., Salama, W., González-Álvarez, I., 2016. Proximal and remote spectroscopic characterisation of regolith in the Albany-Fraser Orogen (Western Australia) using data. Ore Geology Reviews Special Issue 73, 540-554.

Porwal, A., Das, R.D., Chaudhary, B.R., González-Álvarez, I., Kreuzer, O.P., 2015. Fuzzy inference systems for prospectivity modelling of and a case study for prospectivity mapping of surficial uranium in Yeelirrie, Western Australia. Ore Geology Reviews 71, 839-852.

Pirajno, F., González-Álvarez, I., Chen, W., Kyser, K.T., Simonetti, A., Leduc, E., leGras, M., 2014. The Gifford Creek ferrocarbonatite Complex, Gascoyne Province, Western Australia, associated fenitic alteration and a putative link with the ~1070 Ma Warakurna LIP. Lithos 202-203, 100-119.

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Gódel, B., González-Álvarez, I., Barnes, S.J., Barnes, S.-J., Parker, P., Day, J., 2012. Sulfarsenides and sulfides associated with the nickel sulfide mineralization from the Rosie nickel prospect, Duketon Belt, Western Australia. Economic Geology 107, 275-294.

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