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Geoff Batt

Adjunct Research 
Lucid Science
153 Hampton Rd
South Fremantle
WA 6162

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Geoff runs Lucid Science, a WA-based consulting agency providing research management, specialist geoscience analysis, and stakeholder communication services to corporate and government clients. His current work in the professional services sector is built on a 20 year foundation as a successful and respected researcher in applied geoscience and mineral systems analysis, and an award-winning writer.

Geoff worked as an Associate Professor at the CET for four years, heading a major research program into the Telfer Au-Cu system and exploration models for the Paterson region, and undertaking pioneering work on the exhumation and preservation of hypogene mineral systems. A passionate advocate of science communication and engagement, Geoff also led the Centre’s Training and Knowledge Transfer theme, and drove strategic communications projects including redevelopment of the Centre’s web site and newsletter.

More recently, Geoff undertook an MBA at UWA supported by BHP Billiton through a Distinguished Fulltime MBA Scholarship. His studies focused in behavioural economics and decision-making in the exploration industry – subjects he continues to pursue in his consulting work.

Research management; Stakeholder engagement and liaison; Mineral systems analysis; Structural geology; Science communication; Board paper and Report writing

Research Interests

  • Structural control of mineral systems
  • Exhumation, preservation, and discovery potential of hypogene mineral systems
  • Behavioural economics and decision-making in the exploration sector
  • Scenario planning
  • Strategic policy and stakeholder communications in the minerals industry



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