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David Groves

Adjunct Emeritus Professor

School of Earth Sciences - Centre for Exploration Targeting


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Emeritus Professor David I Groves was Director of the Research Centres in economic geology prior to CET and was responsible, with Jim Ross and Jon Hronsky, for gaining the initial funding for the CET before retiring. Dr Groves has been President of the Geological Sociey of Australia, SEG and SGA. He has supervised or co-supervised  over 85 PhD, 55 MSc and 120 BSc Honours students at UWA and overseas. He has authored or co-authored approximately 500 papers and book chapters, largely on Archean evolution, komatiite-associated Ni-Cu deposits, orogenic gold deposits, the role of lithosphere in global metallogeny, and prospectivity mapping.

Recently, he has been awarded both the SEG Penrose Gold Medal and SGA-Newmont Gold Medal for his career acheivements. Currently, Dr Groves is using his academic knowledge to aid junior exploration companies to select prospective ground and explore it using appropriate deposit models. He has been involved in a recent gold discovery at Magambazi in Tanzania and a Cu-Au-Ag-Zn discovery at Terrakimti in Ethiopia. He is also acting as a geological advisor to the investment industry, including presentation in Canada and UK of a two-day course " Geological Assessment of Exploration Real Estate: A Tool for More Informed Investment."

Since 2012, David Groves has written two novels, the first "The Exodus Equation" with a geological theme, and the second in progress "The Digital Apocalypse" about the consequence of environmental extremism and natural solar-induced climate change.


David Groves has over 500 co-authored publications.

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