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Non-Technical Risks and Their Impact on the Mining Industry

Perth, Australia

Country Risk, including the threat of Resource Nationalism, market-related Commodity Price Risk and corporate-level Going Concern Risk are identified as amongst the principal non-technical risk-types having greatest impact upon the mining industry.

Non-technical risks cannot be entirely isolated from technical risks in any overarching risk classification system applied to the mining industry with the technical and non-technical risk inevitably overlapping to a greater or lesser degree when the root causes of adverse outcomes are examined at both mine-project and company-levels.

The aim of this research is to review the various sources of non-technical risk, the interplay of non-technical and technical risks, and includes observations on risk-related challenges facing the mining sector. The research will attempt to address challenges in the non-technical risk domain including the effective communication of non-technical risks and their impacts to industry stakeholders and the mitigation of non-technical risks.