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Australia Awards - Africa - Mineral and Energy Economics

South Africa

The Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) in partnership with the University of Witwatersrand (Wits) in South Africa, have successfully tendered for the “Australia Awards – Africa Short Courses in Mineral and Energy Economics” for the period 2018 -2022. This award, funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) entails the annual provision of a 9-week program including:
  • Two four-week “Mineral and Energy Economics” components, to be conducted one in Johannesburg, South Africa (SA) and the second in Perth, Western Australia (WA), after a break of approximately one month, preceded by
  • One-week of intensive tuition in the English language to be provided to those non-English-speaking participants who require it.

The program is designed to build knowledge and broader leadership and organisational management skills in the context of the mineral and energy sectors for 25 to 30 eligible early- to mid-career professionals, from both government and private enterprise who are involved with mineral resources exploration, exploitation, governance, policy formulation and/or the administration of related regulatory and fiscal regimes in mineral-rich African countries. 

The program will progress from consideration of the macro-economic role, influence and impact of the extractive industry, through practical strategic, investment and management issues to the level of optimisation of investment in and performance of individual enterprises and projects. Asides from English tuition, the program will include the following courses:

In Johannesburg

  • Natural Resources Economics
  • Mineral Finance and Project Evaluation
  • Mining Taxation Policy and Administration Issues
  • Policy Elements for Twenty-First Century African Mining and

In Perth

  • Resource Sector Management
  • Risk/decision Analyses, Commodity Derivatives and Risk Management
  • All About Energy Economics
  • Introduction to Regional and Socio-Economic Impacts

The content represents a good blend of conceptual theory as well as practical, technical and quantitative subjects. It will also focus on industry’s interaction with government and the socio-economic impacts of mining on employees, their families, the environment and the communities they interact with. While academically rigorous, the program will be of an essentially practical and participative nature, and will include a significant number of mine, industry and government visits and presentations. These frequent interactions with specialised external parties will provide a range of valuable ‘real world’ experiences and case studies, as well as breaking the monotony of formal class-bound tuition.

Overall direction of the program will be provided by Research Professor Pietro Guj, assisted by Lead Facilitators for Africa (Prof. Fred Cawood, Director of the Wits Mining Institute) and Australia (Dr. Bryan Maybee, CET/Curtin node), who will also deliver some of the content. In addition, the program faculty will feature a number of other specialists including Professors Fiona Haslam-McKenzie and Jill Howieson from UWA and Prof. Dan Packey and Dr. Eric Lilford from the Curtin University node of the CET.

CET is committed to and will exercise a high degree of pastoral care to provide a supportive environment for the participants. Our pastoral care and alumni liaison plan, to be managed by Dr. Muza Gondwe (MEfDA/UWA) and Facilitators for each country, will aim to create and maintain a safe, inclusive and welcoming educational environment, and respond in a sympathetic way to any Awardees’ concerns. 




Dr. Muza Gondwe (MEfDA/UWA)