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Optimising the use of geophysical data for modelling the Australian crust


“Optimising the use of geophysical data for modelling the Australian crust” seeks to determine the optimal use of geophysical methods to model the Australian crust in four dimensions. These models provide an understanding of the tectonic history of a region and thus its mineral potential. As undiscovered mineral resources are mostly undercover, geophysics is a key dataset used to locate them. This project plans to combine recent developments in modelling geological uncertainty with data acquired for locating zones of mineralisation. Some forms of mineralisation are difficult to detect with individual geophysical techniques, so the intended outcome is to determine which data combinations are the most effective. Results have the potential to guide government policy and industry practices in data collection and use by providing a value-of-information (“VoI”) estimate to obtain insight into which methods are most cost effective where and in what exploration or mining scenarios.

Mark’s project currently has funding for three years through the ARC, and will commence in April 2019. There are PhD and MSc research opportunities for project collaboration and Mark will also be working with CET researchers Mark Jessell and Jeremie Giraud on the MinEx CRC and Loop ARC Linkage projects. For more information, contact mark.lindsay@uwa.edu.au