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BIF-hosted high-grade iron ore in the central Southern Cross Domain: Ore genesis and conceptual targeting

Southern Cross, Western Australia


This two-year postdoctoral project (2008-2010 with ongoing research) is one of the first detailed scientific investigation on  BIF-hosted high-grade iron ore systems in the Yilgarn craton. These so far underexplored systems are increasingly of interest for the local and international mining industry.  

The outcomes of the initial two years (sponsored by Cliff's Natural Resources) were the detailed understanding of structural control, alteration zonation, and relative timing of the polyphase ore deposits at Koolyanobbing, Windarling, and Mt. Jackson in the central Southern Cross region. This has been achieved by detailed structural open pit and outcrop mapping, exploration drill core logging, combined with specific geochemical/ mineralogical investigations. Conceptional exploration targets based on a detailed genetic model were developed.

Ongoing studies concentrate on the paleohydrothermal ore fluid characteristics, mineral geochemistry, and geochronology (see Masters project of Choi Jinwoo) of alteration stages and the comparison with other deposits in the Yilgarn craton. In combination these new data sets will be used to develop a revised genetic model for Yilgarn craton BIF iron ore systems, which then will lead to robust exploration targets.

Steffen Hagemann



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