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Automated Televiewer Image Analysis

Western Australia

Televiewer datasets, acoustic and optical, provide ‘pictures’ of the wall of a drillhole.  

Detection and classification of planar discontinuities or geological structures within these datasets is an important task for geotechnical geoscientists, for example, to model larger scale geological structures and to determine the structural stability of a region. Manually picking these structures is a time consuming process and is subject to human biases. Detecting these structures is often a bottleneck in mineral exploration and in the selection and design of minesites. We are currently developing software to quickly and objectively identify and analyse structures within televiewer data. The software provides feedback to the user on the confidence of detected structures. It also includes functions for visualising and rapidly classifying and processing detected structures.

This research is now commercially available as part of the Image and Structure Interpretation Workspace for WellCAD 5.1 marketed by Advanced Logic Technology (ALT).