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OSNACA Sponsors

2017-02018 Sponsors


In Kind Sponsor


2011 Sponsors

Private individuals and corporations are invited to donate ore samples and/or funding to the OSNACA Project. The open source nature of the OSNACA Project and its tax-deductible status for financial donors is explained in the original OSNACA Formal Proposal.

We are extremely grateful to our foundation sponsors for their generous financial contributions. They responded positively to the initial circulation of the OSNACA Formal Proposal document in 2011. If you, or your company, would like to join them and donate funds to the OSNACA Project follow the link below.

If you have samples of unweathered ore-grade material from any significant ore deposit, we would be delighted if you made this material available to the OSNACA Project. Full details on how to select appropriate samples and what metadata also need to be provided are given in the link below.

Please read the instructions on the instructions worksheet carefully. It is the first page you will see when you open the file. Contact Carl Brauhart if you have any further queries on this exciting project.

OSNACA would like to thank the following Sponsors.