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Time Scales and Geodynamics

CET research in Time Scales and Geodynamics works toward an integrated understanding of the dynamic processes shaping mineral systems and their evolution through time.

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  • 28 February 2014

    The ongoing search for Hadean crust on Earth

    The familiar concentric layer cake structure of the Earth depicted in textbooks formed within a few hundred million years of the accretion of the planet. This is when the metallic core segregated, the oceans condensed, the atmosphere outgassed and the first rocky crust formed....

    Tony Kemp

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CET “all over” Africa Down Under

by User Not Found | Sep 24, 2013
Presentation to 1900 delegates
High level attendance at the recent Africa Down Under 2013 was a clear demonstration of the strategic significance of the continent to the future of mineral exploration. Then-minister of foreign affairs, the Hon. Bob Carr, opened the meeting with a presentation to 1900 delegates representing 14 African countries and a swathe of significant figures from Australian and international mining concerns. 

With the CET booth showcasing our outstandingly successful programme of research and collaborative involvement in the West African area, we attracted a great deal of interest, with an excited buzz developing around the next phase of the WAXI project and the WAXI & Central African GIS databases. 

Our strong delegation, led by Director Cam McCuaig, Deputy Director John Miller, and GIS researcher par excellence Arianne Ford capitalised on the opportunity provided by the meeting to enhance CET engagement with political and industry leaders in the region. The future of geoscience research and exploration on the African continent looks very promising, and we look forward to continuing our key role in collaborating with African research leaders working towards this bright future.