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Structure and Architecture

The CET Structure and Architecture research group work towards integrated understanding of the ways in which geological structures and fabrics influence the development and character of mineralisation on all scales.

Such fundamental geometric characteristics play a critical role in the genesis of ore systems, and alongside their world-leading research, the Structure and Architecture team works with industry in exploring for and maximising the value of deposits.

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CET Okotokopter takes flight

by User Not Found | Aug 30, 2013
New SEE-CET micro-unmanned aerial vehicle

Nik Callow, Steven Micklethwaite and Peter Kovesi from CET recently trialled the surveying capabilities of the new SEE-CET micro-unmanned aerial vehicle (Oktokopter) at Boya Quarry, Perth Hills. This impressive piece of kit is capable of collecting sub-cm pixel images and generating ultra-high resolution 3D models of mine sites, outcrops or wavecut platforms. CET is developing software to quickly generate semi-automatic geological maps from the data. Peter and Nik were also responsible for naming the Oktokopter George VIII, hoping that one day he may ascend to the Royal Throne if his recently born namesake doesn't want the position.