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Integrated Exploration Targeting

Drawing on the breadth of experience and talent within the CET, we can design integrated research programmes across disciplines and commodity specialisation to address practical problems in exploration targeting at any scale - from greenfields strategy to ore shoot characterisation and prediction. Our specialist teams work together to provide practical solutions to meet the challenges facing the modern exploration industry.

Projects can be pursued across a range of commodities in response to industry demand and strategic alignment with ongoing research streams at the Centre. Research outcomes and expertise are combined to provide:

  • comprehensive understanding of the 4D evolution of host terrains,

  • the position of the respective mineral systems within this framework,

  • the extraction of mappable criteria that can be applied to exploration strategies within a business risk framework at all scales, and

  • the development of tools and techniques to more effectively target major mineral deposits.

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  • 28 February 2014

    The ongoing search for Hadean crust on Earth

    The familiar concentric layer cake structure of the Earth depicted in textbooks formed within a few hundred million years of the accretion of the planet. This is when the metallic core segregated, the oceans condensed, the atmosphere outgassed and the first rocky crust formed....

    Tony Kemp

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South American Exploration Initiative (SAXI) has officially started

by Corinne Debat | Mar 29, 2018
South American Exploration Initiative (SAXI), AMIRA project P1061A : The tectonics, architecture and metallogeny of the Protezic of north-east South America has officially started.

This project kicked off on the 21 March 2018 with support from Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Avanco Resources, Barrick Gold, Codelco do Brasil Mineracao, Newcrest Mining and Randgold Resources.

An enthusiastic team including Mark Jessell, Sandra Occhipinti, Steffen Hagemann, Nicolas Thebaud and Jean-Paul Bout based at the  Centre for Exploration Targeting, SES, The University of Western Australia, is supporting this 12-month pilot project.

Designed to enhance the exploration potential of the Guiana Shield and neighboring terranes, the outcomes of the project will also assist exploration companies to focus their exploration activities and help the local Geologica Surveys build capacity and enhance their role in the provisions of pre-competitive date an information. 

The principal benefits of sponsoring this initiative will include, but are not limited to:
1.Exploration GIS: all publically available geoscience data at local and regional scales will be compiled into harmonised ArcMap and MapInfo projects.
2.Reconstructed Data Products: Key datasets will be reprojected so that direct geospatial analysis of the estimated Proterozoic configuration of the West African Craton and the Guiana Shield can be made.
3.Organise and conduct seminars and workshops for potential stakeholders: explain aims and objectives of the pilot study and canvass industry to define current and future needs in terms of basic data sets and research.
4.Opportunity to define future research directions in the region.
5.Opportunity to develop other similar projects in other parts of the world.

We will hold an information session for organisations interested in joining the project at the upcoming Latin America Down Under Conference in Perth (16-17th May).

Members of our SAXI team (Mark Jessell, Sandra Occhipinti and Jean-Paul Bout) are off to South America from May 19 to June 11 and will have a stand at the Simexmin Conference in Ouro Preto, Brasil, as well as making presentations in Brasilia, Belém, Cayenne, Georgetown and Paramaribo.

For more information regarding this project:
Contact Mark Jessell
Visit the SAXI website