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Exploration Technology and Commercialisation

The CET works to address the techonological demands of the modern data-intensive exploration business, pioneeering new approaches to increase the impact and efficiency of geoscientific data analysis in the minerals industry. Under the lead of Professor Eun-Jung Holden, our technology team can work to identify and meet the analytical needs of our research partners.

In partnership with major software houses, the CET also commercialises exploration technology and software solutions developed across our portfolio of pure and applied research, bringing innovative improvements to the applied face of industry.


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  • 28 February 2014

    A Social License to Undertake Research

    Modern research science is a capital-intensive industry. Scientific resources and agencies are concentrated in wealthy developed nations with the economic and infrastructure base to support such fundamental endeavours. Nature, however, respects no such distinctions - and we com...

    Mark Jessell, Geoff Batt

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