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Mineral Systems Analysis – a workflow and example from the Halls Creek Orogen

Jun 22, 2016

Opening up greenfields regions for minerals exploration can be helped through regional-scale mineral systems analysis, using government pre-competitive datasets. This may be completed on a commodity by commodity basis, or through multi-commodity minerals systems analysis, and used as the basis for prospectivity analyses and mapping. The Geological Survey of Western Australia, through the Exploration Incentive Scheme has sponsored mineral systems analysis of several regions within Western Australia in order to boost the State’s attractiveness to explorers.

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CET Professor Allan Trench addresses the Singapore Mining Club

Mar 30, 2016

"Which commodities will improve in price by 2020 and why?"

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UWA and GSWA Launches Cutting-Edge Tool for WA Explorers

Mar 16, 2016

The University of Western Australia and the Geological Survey of Western Australia, a division of the WA Department of Mines and Petroleum, are proud to launch the Integrated Exploration Platform (IEP).

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Fingerprinting ore forming processes with sulfur isotopes

Feb 19, 2016

Researchers at the Centre for Exploration Targeting are harnessing the power of sulfur isotopes to better delineate regional areas of mineral prospectivity. Preliminary results demonstrate that multiple sulfur isotopes lend insight into tectonic processes occurring at craton margins that focus fluids, sulfur, and metals as ore deposits.

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