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International Collegiate Programming Contest CET Participant

May 11, 2015

Michael Martis, a member of the computational data analysis group at CET will participate in the world final of the International Collegiate Programming Contest which will be held on the 20th of May at Marrakesh in Morocco. This contest is a 5 hour programming and problem solving competition (more info: http://icpc.baylor.edu/worldfinals/pdf/Factsheet.pdf).

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Mineral Systems: Key to Exploration Targeting

May 08, 2015

The Mineral System concept underpins many current exploration geoscience initiatives, yet it there are differing opinions on what a mineral system is. In this presentation at the world’s largest mining conference (PDAC, Toronto), CET Director Professor Cam McCuaig explains the concept and how it impacts on exploration strategy.”

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Allan Trench speaking at the 2015 AMEC Convention

May 05, 2015

Professor Allan Trench of the CET will present to the AMEC Convention in June on the outlook for Australian resources sector in the wake of the downturn in prices, most notably for iron ore. Allan's presentation, entitled "Australia Beyond The Iron Age" will seek to explain not only the prospects for iron ore but also for other commodities including nickel, gold, copper and which of the minor metals and mineral markets is likely to come to the fore in the years ahead.

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Did diamond-bearing orangeites originate from MARID-veined peridotites in the lithospheric mantle?

Apr 22, 2015

The CET’s very own Associate Professor Marco Fiorentini, along with his fellow researchers, attempted to answer this question with the final result published recently in Nature Communications (April 2015).

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CET researchers published in Special Publication

Apr 20, 2015

CET researchers published in Special Publication 393 from the Geological Society “Ore Deposits of a Changing Earth."

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Research Scholarship

Apr 17, 2015

University of WA student Cameron Adams, who plans to study the relationship between positive magnetic anomalies and nickel-sulphide deposits in Kambalda, has been named a winner of the Minerals Institute of WA postgraduate research scholarships.

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Spotting quality gold assets early

Mar 05, 2015

Recent CET Geoscience Honours Graduate, Matthew Kanakis, produces a landmark study which will interest both gold explorers and investors equally. The outcome, put simply shows that instead of costs falling as mine grade increased; there was no easily discernible relationship between costs and grade despite the abundance of cost and grade data in the study (which covered the information reported by companies throughout the July to September and October to December periods in 2013).

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UNCOVER, towards the future of Australian exploration

Mar 04, 2015

THIS week Allan Trench acts as unofficial messenger for the ground-breaking UNCOVER initiative – seeking to unlock the hidden mineral wealth across the unexplored frontiers of Australia. Strictly Boardroom suspects that many readers would have already heard of the UNCOVER initiative, an emerging collaborative effort being championed across industry, state and federal geoscience organisations and by universities alike. For those readers reading of UNCOVER for the first time, the concept owes its origin to a Theo Murphy Think Tank* convened by the Australian Academy of Science.

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Gold rebound could lead to royalty rise

Mar 03, 2015

Gold price “out of the doldrums” but will an increase in royalties be beneficial? Pietro Guj (CET/UWA) and Allan Kelly (Doray Minerals) talk to Jonathan Barrett of the Financial Review with their opinions.

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Award Winning Personality

Mar 02, 2015

Displaying the continued scientific excellence that has seen her earn a remarkable run of awards over the past 2 years, CET Ph.D. student Aileen Robert won the award for Best Oral Presentation at the 18th Australian Organic Geochemistry Conference held in Adelaide last December.

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