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Applied Structural Geology course in West Africa

Feb 04, 2019

This training course, which is part of the WAXI capacity-building module, was held on the Newmont Akyem mine site in Ghana between 18-23 of October 2018. 

The aim of the training course has been to provide the tools and confidence required to apply structural geology, and to demonstrate that high value can be added through sound interpretations in a mine setting. 

Our experienced WAXI trainers Nicolas Thébaud and Quentin Masurel delivered the course. The latter first included fundamental knowledge on applied structural geology in a mine setting. That classroom part of the course was presented in a dynamic way with an emphasis on problem-solving activities and photo observation-interpretation. The second part of the course focused on techniques and best practice for open pit mapping, structural logging of oriented drill core and hands-on practice in the open pit and at the core yard. 

A total of … participants, all showing a lot of enthusiasm, have made the promise to sharpen their skills in the field and apply their knowledge in structural geology to their day-to-day activities. 

WAXI-3 came to an end in October 2018 but new research directions are proposed and may result in a WAXI Stage 4 ! Good news, the capacity-building module will keep running for a while anyway so more training opportunities are coming in 2019!