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Society of Economic Geologists - UWA Student Chapter

Nov 12, 2018

The SEG UWA Student Chapter provides opportunities to postgraduate and undergraduate students who are interested in Economic Geology. We strive to improve our geological skills, network with industry, and increase "boots on the ground" experience by learning about various deposit styles via our student organised field trips. This year our Student Chapter has organised talks, fundraising activities and workshops.

The Chapter held a Leapfrog 3D workshop, organised with the collaboration of Fremantle's Seequent team who kindly provided a 2-day course free of charge to students. The workshop got a full house attendance and we learned skills on implicit 3D modelling thanks to our patient teachers Kathryn and Zoe.

We were also lucky to have Steve Garwin, our industry mentor, to present a talk on the "Discovery and Geology of the world-class Alpala porphyry Au-Cu deposit in N Ecuador", drawing a lot of interest. Jesse Clark's (BHP) "Olympic Dam: Unravelling the Giant" and Chris Voisey's (Monash) "Aseismic Refinement of Orogenic Gold Systems" talks were great and encouraging examples of the contributions that the young generation of geologists are bringing to both industry and academia.

A large cohort of our Student Chapter members participated in this year's SEG and Gordon conferences in the U.S.A., during which we connected with other SEG student chapters from around the world. Also, our President gave a talk to the Universidad de Concepcion SEG Student Chapter "Nazca" in Chile. We will continue to foster connectivity and team work with other Student Chapters for years to come.

Finally, plans for the rest of 2018 involve a field trip to the Bendigo- Ballarat goldfields in Victoria, followed by a tour to the world class IOCG Olympic Dam. This field trip is fully organised by our Student Chapter and will have participation from Rio Tinto and Anglo American geologists, as well as students from Monash University.

We are very thankful to the CET, our Patron Institution, and especially to our 2018 Sponsors who have made all of this possible:

Rio Tinto / BHP / AngloAmerican / CSA Global / HiSeis / Western Mining Services / Geosborne

Many thanks, and looking forward to seeing you in 2019!

- Report from Nicolas Mériaud, PhD Student, CET