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OSNACA Funding Update and New Data Release

Jul 26, 2017

A huge thank you to the extremely generous people who have responded to the call for more funding. Thus far, we have received, or at least promised, $45,000. There are also some very positive indications form other companies, and we are optimistic about reaching the $70,000 target. When fund raising is completed, the OSNACA page will be updated with our new sponsor's logos.

New data is available on the OSNACA page. The file structure has been simplified to single Excel repositories for Data and Metadata. There are extra tabs in the Data and Metadata Excel files. Michel Gazley from CSIRO has provided data for 73 samples from 23 mineral deposits in the Cloncurry District in Queensland. Ore bodies sampled include Cannington, Ernest Henry, Eloise, Merlin, Osborne and Starra. The samples were analysed by the OSNACA Analytical protocol at BV-Ultratrace, therefore these data are perfectly compatible with the main database. CSIRO samples were collected as part of the Uncover: CLONCURRY Project which was funded in Round 3 of the Industry Priorities Initiative in 2015, for CSIRO to work with the Geological Survey of Queensland (GSQ) and industry partners (including MIM-Glencore, Exco-Copperchem, Minotaur, Altona, CST, Sandfire, Hammer metals, and Chinova Resources.

156 new samples have just been submitted (plus six standards/duplicates). They are from 104 different mineral deposits including many new ones. New mineral deposits include: Avebury, Bayan Obo, Challenger, El Sukar, Hidden Valley, Kabwe, Kidston, Kirkland lake, Kombat, Las Cristinas, Ok Tedi, Pahtavaara, Paulsens, Pueblo Viejo, Red Bore, Syama.
There are also additional samples for: Hemlo, Nova-Bollinger, Porgera, Witwatersrand.
These new samples will expand the collection to 956 samples not including standards and duplicates.
If you have good material available for OSNACA and if you are considering financial support for the project, please contact Carl Brauhart.