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Uncover Curnamona 2019

Uncover Curnamona 2019 will include presentations, workshops, core viewing and field trips. More details and registration information will be circulated soon. Uncover Curnamona 2019 is a collaboration between the Geological Surveys of New South Wales and South Australia, and the Geological Society of Australia. It offers the opportunity to share information and ideas from current mineral exploration, and from cutting-edge research by geological surveys and collaborative partners including the MinEx CRC and the UNCOVER initiative. Topics include:

Current exploration projects
Including Broken Hill-type Ag–Pb–Zn, IOCG, stratabound Cu–Au, Ni–PGE, Sn and Co


Plans for the National Drilling Initiative Program in the greater Curnamona area

Characterising the cover

Depth, style and dispersion of cover, the use of airborne EM, and exhumation history

Lithospheric architecture

AusLAMP coverage, conductivity anomalies and the use of MT in uranium systems

4D geodynamic evolution and metallogenesis

Including Proterozoic, Cambro-Ordovician and Neotectonic geodynamics and implications for mineralisation

Distal mineral footprints

Hylogger™ applications, geochemical footprints in cover sequences

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