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SES Seminar Series

The next presenter in the School of Earth Sciences Seminar Series for 2019 is  Professor Mark Cloos on the 21 February November 2019 with a presentation called: “Tectonic setting and structural evolution of the Ertsberg-Grasberg Cu-Au Mining District, Papua, Indonesia”.

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Please click on the links below to view either the presentation or papers from past presenters of the Seminar Series. Please note that not all presenters have given permission to upload their talks. ​ 

Seminar Title
Talk / Presentation Link
Professor Mark Cloos Tectonic setting and structural evolution of the Ertsberg-Grasberg Cu-Au Mining District, Papua, Indonesia”  Poster  
Fabricio de Andrade Caxito  

A complete Wilson Cycle recorded within the Riacho do Pontal Orogen, NE Brazil: Implications for the Neoproterozoic evolution of the Borborema Province at the heart of West Gondwana (7th February 2019)

Simon Lang
Seismic Geormorphology (22nd November 2018)
Shaun Barker The use of stable isotopes in exploration for carbonate-hosted deposits (12th November 2018)
 David Cooke Rapid changes in geodynamic environments and their consequences for porphyry ore formation, preservation and destruction – a case study from Boyongan and Bayugo, Philippines    
Victorien Paumard Shelf-margin architecture, sediment partitioning and shallow- to deep-water reservoirs distribution in the Barrow Group (Northern Carnarvon Basin, North West Shelf, Australia): Insights from quantitative 3D seismic stratigraphy  Poster  
Sandy Cruden & Patrice Rey  Analogue and numerical modelling of basin evolution  Poster  
Jesse Clark
 Olympic Dam: Unravelling the Giant
Yongbao Gao Magmatic Ni-Cu Sulfide Deposits in Northwestern China  Poster  
Steve Garwin The discovery and geology of the world-class Alpala porphyry copper-gold deposit in northern Ecuador  Poster
Jeff Vervoot Mixed messages from garnet Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd geochronology  Poster  
Daniel Wiemer Earth’s oldest stable crust in the Pilbara craton formed by cyclic
gravitational overturns – Evidence from greenstone belt to dome

Stephen Parman Tracing volatiles recycling into the mantle with noble gases  Poster  
 Helen McFarlane Episodic collisional orogenesis in the West African Craton: Secrets of the Sefwi Greenstone Belt  Poster  
 Andreas Petersson The Birimian terrane of the West African Craton - new data, different views, possible reasons  Poster  
Franco Pirajno Rare Earth Elements (REE) mineralisation in alkaline complexes and carbonatites  Poster
Marco Fiorentini Post-collisional alkaline magmatism as gateway for metal and sulfur enrichment of the continental lower crust.  Poster  
Barry Bourne Petrophysics and Exploration Targeting: The Value Proposition(31 August 2017))  Poster  
Lluis Fontbote  Cordilleran Polymetallic Deposits as a Class within Porphyry Systems (8th August 2017)  Poster  
Jeremy Shaw X-ray microscopy: A powerful research tool for imaging, analysing and visualisation." (20th July 2017)  Poster
Steve Barnes
New insights into magmatic nickel sulfide ore genesis based on 2D and 3D investigations of ore textures  Slides  
Daniel Mantle
Utilising U-PB zircon CA-IDTIMS dating to precisely recalibrate the Permian-Early Triassic palynozones of Australia  Slides  
 Alan Aitken
Repeated large-scale retreat and advance of Totten Glacier indicated by inland bed erosion  Talk  
Paul Duuring
Hydrothermal fluid sources for magnetite and hematite ore bodies in the Weld Range iron camp, Yilgarn.  Talk  
Denis Fougerouse Formation of high grade ore shoots driven by gold remobilisation from auriferous arsenopyrite in the giant (62 Moz) Obuasi gold deposit, Ghana  Slides  
Geoff Batt Ironing out the Kinks: Oligo-Miocene self-organisation of the Australian-Pacific plate boundary in southern New Zealand (29 October 2015)  Talk  
John Goodge Archean to Mesoproterozoic crustal history of central East Antarctica: significance with respect to pre-Nuna, Nuna and Rodinia supercontinent evolution (15th October 2015)  Slides  
Vicki Hansen Impact origin of Archean cratons: A Hypothesis
(1st October 2015)
Tim Ireland The differing metallogeny of Accretionary v. Andean arcs(20th August 2015)
Jim Everett Paradigm Lost: Lessons learned in consulting for mining and other industries(6th August 2015)
Richard Lilly The Cloncurry District Mineral System; an IOCG Exploration Perspective (2nd July 2015)  Slides  
Boswell Wing Sulfur isotopography of sulfide mineralization: precedents, pitfalls, and prospects (28th May 2015)  Slides  
Ross Cayley The Lachlan Orocline of Eastern Australia. Revolutionizing the resource prospectivity game in Australia and globally(21st May 2015)
John Vann Resource endowment: geometallurgy, portfolio management and exploration: where do the Venn circles overlap? (16th April 2015)  Slides  
Peter Kovesi Good Colour Maps: How to Design them (2nd April 2015)
Sarah Jones Contrasting structural styles of gold deposits in the Leonora Domain: Evidence for early gold deposition, Eastern Goldfields, W.A. (19th March 2015)  Slides  
Brent McInnes Thermal Footprints in Time:
Exploring the Crust using Thermochronometry(5th March 2015)
Tim Johnson Growth and Recycling of Earth’s Early Crust - Coupling Petrological and 2D Numerical Modeling (13th November 2014)  Talk
Huaiyu Yuan Earthquake Seismology: Exploring the Cratonic Crust in Western Australia (4th September 2014)  Talk
Janet Sutherland Leadership in the mining sector: Using phenomenology to understand inter-generational and gender differences in leadership values(16th October 2014)  Talk
Margaux Le Vaillant Hydrothermal haloes around komatiites-hosted nickel sulphide deposits: application to
exploration targeting and insight on the mobility of base metal and PGEs in hydrothermal
fluids (21st August 2014)
Klaus Regenauer-Lieb Gas Shales in Australia: Can we use the US concepts? (19th June 2014)  Talk
Walter Witt Yilgarn Gold Targeting Atlas (YETA), Part 2, District-scale targeting: the transition from predictive to detective approaches (12th June 2014)  Talk
David Lumley Nonlinear Uncertainty Analysis: 4D Seismic Reservoir Monitoring (1st May 2014)  Slides  
Andreas Mueller Intrusion-related Au-Cu deposits of the Skellefte district, Northern Sweden (17th April 2014)  Talk  
Carl Brauhart Recent Changes in the Author’s Understanding on the Size, Shape and Complexity of Magmato-Hydrothermal Space(4th April 2014)
Julian Pearce Archaean Subduction or not? Evidence from Volcanic Geochemistry (20th March 2014)  Talk
Nathaniel Butterworth Geological, tomographic, kinematic and geodynamic constraints on the dynamics of sinking slabs (8th November 2013)  Talk  
John P. Sykes Seven strategies for rare earths hopefuls: Navigating the uncertainties of the rare earths industry  Slides  
Jim Everett Ore Selection and Sequencing (31st August 2012)
David I Groves Assessment of Exploration Real Estate: A Tool for More Informed Investment (23rd August 2012)  Slides  
Florian Wellmann Towards an understanding of uncertainties and the value of information in structural geological models (17th August 2012)  Slides  
Jean-Pierre Burg The lithospheric mantle from collision to collapse (8th June 2012)
Stephen Barnes 3D X-ray microscopy: a new tool for investigation of igneous rocks and magmatic ores (25th May 2012)
Cam McCuaig Science to tackle the challenges facing the Mineral Exploration Industry (23rd March 2012)  Slides  

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