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Identifying Cotectic and Xenomelt Magmatic Sulfides Using R-factor and S-isotope Variability in the Mount Keith MKD5 Komatiite-Hosted Nickel Deposit_SEG 100

SEG 100 Abstract

Anne Brandt Virnes, Marco Fiorentini, Stephen J. Barnes, Laure Martin, Nicolas Thebaud, Quentin Masurel

Komatiitic melts are inherently sulfur-undersaturated and must assimilate external sulfur in order to segregate a sulfide liquid that can equilibrate with the silicate melt and form nickel-sulfides. Multiple sulfur isotopic signatures of orthomagmatic sulfides, specifically the mass-independent signature (MIF-S, denoted Δ33S), inform us of the nature of external sulfur reservoirs and elaborate on the relative amount of assimilated sulfur.