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Litho structural controls on orogenic gold deposits within the Sandstone greenstone belt Yilgarn Craton Western Australia implications for exploration targeting

Rhys Samuel Davies, John P. Sykes, Michael C. Dentith, David Groves, Allan Trench


The 920 square km Archean Sandstone greenstone belt lies in the central-northern part of the Southern Cross Domain of the Youanmi Terrane, Western Australia. The belt, forming an arrow-head geometry, is bounded by the Youanmi and Edale shear zones on its eastern and western margins, respectively. The belt has a total gold endowment, including historic production, resources and reserves, of approximately 62 t (2.0 Moz). Most known deposits are situated within a central-southern ultramafic  domain, although this is likely a function of exploration focus. The distribution of historical exploration efforts and domaining of deposit types, based on litho-structural controls on ore formation, highlight the potential for significant undiscovered deposits, hosted within arrays of shear zones parallel and adjacent to the lithosphere-scale Youanmi and Edale shear zones.