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Global variability in the platinum-group element contents of komatiites.

Journal of Petrology, Vol. 51, Issue 1, 2011

Geoffrey J. Heggie, Wolfgang D. Maier, Stephen J. Barnes, M. Fiorentini

We report a large volume of high-precision platinum-group element (PGE) data generated from Archaean and some Early Proterozoic komatiites and komatiitic basalts spanning a wide range of ages (from ca. 3.5 Ga to ca. 2.0 Ga), petrological affinities (Munrotype, Barberton-type and Karasjok-type) and locations (i.e. Pilbara, Yilgarn, Superior, Kaapvaal and Fennoscandian Cratons). The main purposes of this study are to establish baselines for PGE contents of komatiites and, by inference, to investigate the variability in PGE contents of komatiite source regions in space and time.