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Maggie Hays Ni Deposit: Part 2. Nickel Mineralization and the Spatial Distribution of PGE Ore-­Forming Signatures in the Maggie Hays Ni System, Lake Johnston Greenstone Belt, Western Australia

Economic Geology, v. 107, p. 817-­833 (Abstract)

Stephen J. Barnes, Mark E. Barley, Marco L. FIORENTINI, Geoffrey J. Heggie

The Maggie Hays Ni-­‐Cu sulfide deposit, located in the ~2.9 Ga Lake Johnston greenstone belt of Western Australia, is hosted in a peridotitic to dunitic subvolcanic feeder that cuts felsic volcanic rocks and sedimentary units. Ore formation at Maggie Hays is attributed to assimilation of a sulfide-­‐rich metasedimentary unit located above the subvolcanic feeder, which induced sulfide saturation within the feeder magmas. Massive and disseminated sulfides display chalcophile element fractionation trends indicative of in situ sulfide crystallization.