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Iron Oxides Chemistry from Highgrade Iron Ore, Iron Quadrangle

22nd Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference Abstract

Carlos Rosiere, Ana-Sophie Hensler, Steffen Hagemann, Sarah Gilbert, Thomas Angerer

Most of the high-grade iron ore deposits in the Iron Quadrangle (IQ), Brazil are hosted by itabirites of the Caue Formation, a Paleoproterozoic Lake-Superior type Banded Iron Formation. The IQ was affected by two main orogenies, the Transamazonian (2.6 – 2.0 Ga) and the Brasiliano (0.7 – 0.45 Ga) resulting in a western low strain and an eastern high-strain domain. Iron ore bodies in the western domain are dominated by early-stage martite and granoblastic hematite, whereas ore bodies of the eastern domain contain mainly late-stage microplaty hematite and specularite.