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An integrated mineral system model for the gold deposits of the giant Jiaodong province, eastern China

Qing Fei Wang, Kun Feng Qiu, Liang Zhang, David I. Groves, Li Qiang Yang, Jun Deng

The giant Jiaodong gold province, with more than 5000 t of proven gold resources, is unique in that its Mesozoic gold deposits are hosted in a Precambrian basement block. There has long been debate on the source of gold, the mechanism for its extreme enrichment, and a holistic genetic model for these spectacular deposits. In order to improve understanding of these factors, a mineral-system model is proposed for the Jiaodong gold deposits for the first time. It is based on a detailed review of the architecture and composition of the underlying mantle lithosphere, the geodynamic setting at the time of gold mineralization, the geological and geochemical features of the deposits themselves, and mechanisms of their preservation.