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Multiscale Structural Controls on Mineral Systems

Futores, 2-5 June 2013

• Now recognise multiscale fluid flow conduits as the primary element of ore-forming hydrothermal systems.
• Long-lived vertically-accretive structures are key pathways for metal transfer through the lithosphere.
• These are not the obvious structures at or above the level of mineralisation – an important message for targeting.
• Do not need ACTIVE structures for oreshoots at deposit scale. Kinematics is of limited use for oreshoot targeting. Replace the historical “structure-centric” framework with a “fluid physics-centric” framework (SOCS).
• Key is favourable architecture in 3D acting as lightening rods for transient oreshoot forming events.
• Threshold barriers to mass and energy transfer are critical for the formation of highest quality deposits – need to understand them and map by proxy in geoscience datasets.