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Third Dynamic Lithosphere Workshop 2017


The third Dynamic Lithosphere Workshop was held on the 7th and 8th November 2017. Here you can find presentations from the speakers.

Understanding the dynamics of the continental crust, mantle lithosphere and their interaction with the asthenosphere is fundamental for explaining the evolution of the Australian continent and the processes that led to its formation and today's state. Continental lithosphere geodynamics stands as an intriguing and controversial issue and currently represents a barrier in expanding our understanding of how the Earth evolved through time. 
The remarkable progress in the acquisition of geological, geophysical and petro-chemical data for the continental lithosphere around the globe brings us to a third round of Lithosphere Workshops. 

To see individual presentations, please click on the below names of the presenters:
Zhonghai Li
Keith Priestley
Fawna Korhonen
Ling Chen
Tom Raimondo
Chris Kirkland
Klaus Gessner
Tim Stern
Yong-Jun Lu
Hrvoje Tkalčić