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3D Crustal Architecture and Mineral Prospectivity of Under-Explored Terrains in Western Australia

Prospectivity analysis of under-explored Western Australian regions in association with GSWA and the Exploration Incentive Scheme

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Mike Dentith, Mark Lindsay, Jessica Spratt, Ian Tyler, Aurore JOLY, Alan Aitken

Working closely with the Geological Survey of Western Australia (GSWA) and funded by the WA State Government's Exploration Incentives Scheme, a team of reseachers at CET has recently completed a major study of the prospectivity of key greenfields terrains in Western Australia (Fig.1). The targeted regions - the west Arunta Orogen, west Musgrave Province, Gasgoyne Province and King Leopold Orogen - were selected on the basis of their geology being poorly understood and their being considered to be under explored in regards to potential economic mineral endowment. The GSWA funded this work seeking to provide exploration-relevant precompetitive geoscience datasets to attract investment to WA as an exploration destination, and thereby maintain a pipeline of mineral deposit discoveries that will underpin the revenue base of the State Government into the future.