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Australia vs the World

The perceived attractiveness of Australia’s mining industry in a global context

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John Sykes, Allan Trench

Every year, Canadian based think-tank The Fraser Institute produces a survey of mining company executives to determine which jurisdictions around the world are most attractive to the mining sector. The survey is watched closely by industry insiders to see where respective jurisdictions rank. The fact that the survey assesses each Australian state separately, but most other countries as a whole, providing us an unusual opportunity to place the Australian states in a global context - allowing each to be compared directly against similarly ranked sovereign nations in Africa, Asia, Europe or Latin America. Such comparisons have been used here to re-draw the map of Australia for the key Fraser survey indices reflecting policy environment, geological potential and the overall attractiveness, with a similarly ranked sovereign nation selected to represent each of Australia's states. Some artistic licence applies in selecting near-neighbours from the survey, to allow choices of the more well-known countries for best illustration.