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  • Chasing Footprints of an Elusive Quarry

    Remobilization of metals during post-deposition hydrothermal alteration of magmatic sulfide ores has the potential to produce distinct haloes far greater in scale than the source ore body. Recognition of such dispersed signatures may dramatically enlarge the detectable footprin...

    hydrothermal mineralisation, exploration, alteration halo

    Margaux Le Vaillant

    31 August 2014

  • A Social License to Undertake Research

    Modern research science is a capital-intensive industry. Scientific resources and agencies are concentrated in wealthy developed nations with the economic and infrastructure base to support such fundamental endeavours. Nature, however, respects no such distinctions - and we com...

    Social license, exploration, development aid

    Mark Jessell, Geoff Batt

    28 February 2014

  • An economist, a scientist, and a geologist walk into a bar...

    There are two main paradigms of thought in resource depletion. Economists tend to subscribe to the 'opportunity cost' approach, seeing rising commodity prices as a sign of resource depletion. Scientists, in particular environmental scientists, look at resources as a 'fixed stoc...

    Resource depletion, economics

    John Sykes, Daniel J. Packey, All...

    28 February 2014

  • Class of 2013 ASX Minerals IPOs

    Last year, we picked 2012 as the bottom of the Australian minerals IPO cycle. We were wrong - with 2013 subsequently bringing the poorest performance of the sector in the past decade. This continued decline raises the very significant question of whether IPOs can sustain the lo...

    Training & Knowledge Transfer, Progressive Risk and Value

    John Sykes, Allan Trench

    28 February 2014

  • Rosetta Stones and Rugged Men

    How do we choose where to explore - and how does our basic human psychology impact upon those choices? Using the famed Rosetta Stone as an extended metaphor, this article explores the human decision making behind our choices in the field.

    Training and Knowlege Transfer

    Geoff Batt

    30 November 2014

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