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  • Genesis of the metalliferous porphyry Cu systems of Southern Tibet

    Current models for the genesis of post-subduction porphyry copper systems in Tibet cannot be reconciled with the hydrous character and geochemical signatures of the associated intrusive bodies - presenting a dilemma to conventional efforts to understand these deposits in a mine...

    porphyry copper, Magmatic Mineral Systems

    Yongjun Lu

    30 November 2013

  • Australia vs the World

    Every year, Canadian based think-tank The Fraser Institute produces a survey of mining company executives to determine which jurisdictions around the world are most attractive to the mining sector. The survey is watched closely by industry insiders to see where respective juris...

    global markets, finance

    John Sykes, Allan Trench

    31 May 2014

  • Heavenly Bodies

    It may be beyond the realms of direct field study, but the geology of Mars, is surprisingly well documented. Orbiting satellites have imaged the surface of the planet across a range of geologically sensitive wavelengths, NASA's Landers and Rovers have directly observed - and an...

    PGE, Nickel, Magmatic Mineral Systems

    Raphael Baumgartner

    31 August 2014

  • The ongoing search for Hadean crust on Earth

    The familiar concentric layer cake structure of the Earth depicted in textbooks formed within a few hundred million years of the accretion of the planet. This is when the metallic core segregated, the oceans condensed, the atmosphere outgassed and the first rocky crust formed....

    Hadean crust, exploration, early Earth history

    Tony Kemp

    28 February 2014

  • Grade Expectations

    Publicly released cost information from 53 operating gold mines in Australia (50 mines) and New Zealand (3 mines) reveals a number of insights into 2013 production costs - pointing in particular to geological factors, rather than the commonly expected grade effect as of greater...

    gold mine development, finance, cost hypothesis

    31 August 2014

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